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Real-time surround view supporting SOC for automotive ADAS

Date: 28/08/2014
The path to develop self driving cars is developing what is called advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). ADAS includes improved vision to the driver and also image recognition.

Renesas, the world's number one microcontroller and SOC chip maker for automotive electronics has unveiled SOC chip for a high-resolution surround view monitoring with high graphic processing abilities.

The R-Car V2H can accept video signal from multiple cameras supporting advanced point-of-view switching which includes rear-view and surround-view capabilities. Renesas claims R-Car V2H offers high quality and reliable performance at low power consumption.

The key highlights of this SOC includes:

IMR and IMP-X4, graphic processing cores inside this SOC supports ADAS requirements on vehicles targeting new government regulations and insurance safety ratings. The R-Car V2H is said to optimized to reduce memory bandwidth usage and overall latency. These codes offer real-time image processing performance so that camera video outputs are delivered separately in high-resolution or a combined surround view image.

The 3-D graphics core supports identification of hazards and is optimized to support texture mapping from the camera feeds.
A power cutoff function for the integrated cores, and a DDR3-SDRAM power backup function is also featured in this SOC so that the power consumption is kept at its minimum.

In case of image recognition, this SOC supports open source library (OpenCV) for improved software development efficiency. The image recognition library does not require fine tuning to extract full performance from the image recognition core

Renesas claims The IMP-X4 image recognition core delivers image recognition processing performance that is approximately eight times that of the earlier Renesas SH7766 and approximately four times that of the R-Car H1.

Renesas said "The IMP-X4 incorporates six programmable image processing accelerators making possible image recognition functionality involving, for example, processing of input from multiple cameras, while altering their configuration as needed."

For feeding the graphics digital data, R-Car V2H uses Ethernet AVB extensively, which is said to become a more common standard for high-speed networking inside car. The R-CAR V2H includes a gigabit Ethernet AVB controller. R-Car V2H supports MJPEG & H.264.

R-Car V2H also features interesting things in functional safety. ECC has been implemented on external memory and CPU caches in order to support system manufacturers' safety concepts. Additionally, the hardware CRC functionality makes it easy to achieve end-to-end protection of data transfers. The real-time OS INTEGRITY from Green Hills Software is adopted for this chip.

Samples of the R-Car V2H SoC are expected to be available in September 2014. Mass production is scheduled to begin in October 2016.