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  Date: 24/08/2014

e2v releases new CERQUAD package for 68020

e2v announced the availability of a new package option for its 68020 microprocessor. This new option will facilitate the transition from the original Plastic Quad Flat Package (PQFP), discontinued in 2010, and enable manufacturers to secure long term production of electronic systems using 68020 microprocessors.

The 68020 microprocessor was discontinued by Freescale in November 2010. As an extremely popular device for aerospace and defence electronics, e2v and Freescale announced long term support of the 68020 microprocessor through e2v’s Semiconductor Lifecycle Management (SLiM™) programme. This enabled customers to benefit from 68020 lifecycle extension for up to 15 years based on e2v’s specialist capabilities in securing long term supply for customers in aerospace, defence and industrial applications.

Since 2010, e2v has maintained an extensive wafer bank of the 68020 microprocessor and ships thousands of qualified, warrantied products, with recent date codes, on a monthly basis. This enables customers to maintain legacy systems and avoid costly redesigns. e2v’s wafer bank is exclusively built using original Freescale die and is the only counterfeit-free option to purchasing 68020 microprocessors.

e2v is now pleased to announce the availability of a further option for the 68020 microprocessor, a 132-pin Ceramic Quadpack (CERQUAD) package version. The new CERQUAD package is pin-to-pin compatible with the Freescale PQFP, facilitating transition from the original device to the e2v-manufactured 68020 for all customers who are now running low on stocks.

“System manufacturers are finding their stocks of Freescale 68020 product; last available for sale in 2010, running low. This jeopardises their ability to continue manufacturing critical systems for their customers.” says Sébastien Frasse-Sombet, Strategic Marketing Manager in e2v’s high reliability semiconductor solutions division, “The release of the new CERQUAD 68020 from e2v enables system manufacturers to secure their long term production capability and so avoiding costly redesigns.”

Samples of this new CERQUAD package version of the 68020 microprocessors are available now and customers are invited to get in touch with e2v for a product evaluation. Qualified production is expected at the end of 2014.

News Source: e2v

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