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  Date: 18/08/2014

GPU silicon IPs from Vivante takes only 0.3mm space in 28nm

GCNano Series GPU semiconductor IP from Vivante, which include GCNano Lite, GCNano and GCNano Ultra are designed for wearable and IoT IC design applications. These silicon IPs are optimized for MCU/MPU solutions with limited CPU resources.

GCNano Lite supports no-OS / no-DDR configurations, and GCNano and GCNano Ultra supports full OS with minimal DDR memory for solutions that need OpenGL ES 2.0.

Vivante says it is also offering software driver stack, SDK and toolkit to support its NanoUI API that brings close-to-the-metal GPU acceleration for no-OS / no-DDR options on GCNano Lite and the NanoGL API for more advanced solutions that include proprietary or high-level operating systems like embedded Linux, Tizen, Android, Android Wear and other RTOS that require OpenGL ES 2.0 in the smallest memory footprint.

“Wearables and IoT will create a new way of accessing, analyzing and displaying data much like the smartphone has changed the way we access information. To create compelling wearables and IoT products that meet user demand for intuitive UIs, size, weight and power, the industry has expanded to include application specific MCU/MPU hardware to enable a new category of products. Graphical UIs are a key driver in product adoption and traditional MCU/MPU platforms have historically focused on simple UI displays, which fragment those products from typical consumer devices,” said Wei-jin Dai, President and CEO of Vivante. “To solve this problem we developed the GCNano Series with careful attention to the ultra-fine details like silicon size, low power, memory footprint, driver size, bandwidth reduction and display controller / UI pairing, minimal CPU overhead and image quality to create an amazing user experience on these new MCUs/MPUs. These leading innovations continue to make our Smaller-Faster-Cooler GPU IP the ‘gold standard’ in PPA and feature robustness in all market segments.”

The GCNano package also includes tutorials, sample code, and documentation to help developers optimize or port their code.

To reduce the load on host processor or a microcontroller, these GPU silicon/semiconductor IPs feature complete UI / composition and display controller integration, minimal CPU overhead, DDR-less and flash memory only configurations, bandwidth modulation, close-to-the-metal GPU drivers, and wearables / IoT-specific GPU features to shrink silicon size. Vivante offering these semiconductor IPs starting at 0.3 mm2 in a 28nm IC chip fabrication node.

Tools for font, artwork and Qt development environments for GCNano / GCNano Ultra product line on Android, Android Wear and embedded UI solutions are available from Vivante's partners.

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