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Patent-pending wireless charging tech by Indian startup

Date: 06/08/2014
India based wireless charging technology startup PowerSquare has launched its patent-pending Adaptive Position-Free (APF) system that simultaneously charges multiple Qi-compatible mobile devices.

Multiple mobile devices can be wirelessly charge by placing them over large surface of wireless charging sys without bothering about the position of placing the mobile device. This tech is compatible with newer mobile devices and older device by meeting the safety specifications (WPC1.1 FOD) of the Wireless Power Consortium.

“The PowerSquare team is thrilled to launch our Adaptive Position-Free System. The wireless power ecosystem now has a cost effective way to collaborate and deliver greater innovation around existing standards to consumers,” said Pavan Pudipeddi, CEO of PowerSquare.

“Our goal is to partner with developers and create a range of marketable, consumer friendly devices. With combined experience of more than 50 years, the PowerSquare team has been part of the industry’s evolution. We look forward to playing an integral role in its growth moving forward.”

PowerSquare to launch its Qi Wireless Charging Pad, the first PowerSquare branded, APF-based consumer product by December 2014.

“PowerSquare’s implementation of multi-device and free-positioning technology is the most user-friendly transmitter I’ve seen to date, regardless of standard,” said John Perzow, vice president of market development for the WPC . “They are working to successfully bring out products that are both cost-effective and bridge the gap between changing industry standards. I have high expectations for PowerSquare and the innovation they will deliver to the wireless power sector in years to come.”

For more details visit www.powersquare.com.