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DC/DC switching regulator from TI supports Thunderbolt

Date: 24/07/2014
TPS65980 DC/DC switching regulator from Texas Instruments is suggested for bus-powered Thunderbolt applications. TPS65980 is suitable for bus-powered applications, such as hard drives, solid state drives and audio and video solutions.

Thunderbolt technology connects PC and peripheral and display devices. At 10 Gbps full-duplex bandwidth per channel, it merges high-speed data (PCI Express) and display (DisplayPort) onto a single protocol. Thunderbolt 2 combines both channels into a single 20-Gbps full-duplex channel, which enables transmission of uncompressed high-bandwidth data, such as 4K video.

The TPS65980 is available in 24-pin, 5-mm x 4-mm x 0.9-mm VQFN package. Suggested retail pricing in 1,000-unit quantities starts at US$2.50. The TPS65980EVM is also available for US$49.00.