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Liquid filters for semiconductor fab with 10nm particle retention

Date: 08/07/2014
Entegris is offering enhanced ultra clean liquid filtration solutions for semiconductor fabs. The Torrento X Series is the first commercial nondewetting all PTFE filter with 10 nm particle retention for advanced wet etch and clean applications, as per Entegris.

"As the industry ramps to sub-2X nm manufacturing processes, enhanced cleanliness requirements have become a necessity to reduce particle defectivity and minimize metal contaminants that impact wafer yields," said Todd Edlund, senior vice president and general manager of Entegris' Critical Materials Handling Business. "Our new Torrento filter can enable integrated device manufactures to efficiently scale-up and produce more advanced devices."

Torrento X series are 'drop-in replacement' for existing filters, easing installation and reducing cost of fixing them. The high-flux membrane filter based on ultra-low metallic cleanliness technology (UCM) to minimize the most challenging contaminants in advanced semiconductor fabs. Entegris said it also offers an Extreme-Ultra Clean Membrane (X-UCM) option with a higher level of cleanliness compared to any prior generation of PTFE filters with faster start up times and superior retention ratings.