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Lane warning system uses wide angle camera and is more reliable

Date: 10/06/2014
Fujitsu Laboratories ha developed lane-departure warning technology using vehicle-mounted wide-angle cameram which are used as drive recorders.

Fujitsu Laboratories said it has now developed a driving lane recognition technology that estimates the correct lane configuration for the entire road by smoothly joining multiple images of the road surface, and compensates for the positional deviations relative to road lane markers. The result is a lane-departure warning performance of 95%, which exceeds the level of devices that use narrow-angle cameras, even with wide-angle cameras, explains Fujistu.

Fujistu tech identified lane markers on curving roads, and identifies doubled lines that serve as speed warnings.

Fujitsu Laboratories' technology compensates for the low resolution that comes with wide-angle lenses by stitching together multiple images over time to create an accurate picture of the entire road, making it possible to accurately estimate lane configuration.