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TLE4966V with dual sensors senses both direction and speed in automotive

Date: 04/06/2014
The hall sensor TLE4966V from Infineon with dual sensors senses both rotation direction and speed in energy-sensitive electronic automotive systems and also for escalators, and electric shades and blinds. TLE4966V consumes a power of 4mA to 7mA.

In TLE4966V the orientation of the two Hall plates is changed from horizontal to vertical to detect in-plane magnetic fields and supply information on rotation direction and speed. Infineon says due to the both hall plate location on one silicon die, these plates to have the same temperature and stress behavior with no sensitivity deviation over its long usage.

Infineon explains: Due to the distance between the two Hall plates, they detect slightly shifted signals at any designated time. During a rotation direction change, the phase difference changes polarity. The TLE4966V detects this change and delivers a corresponding signal. It has two signal outputs: one signal for the pole wheel rotation direction and the other for measuring the magnetic pole wheel rotation speed. This signal is triggered by each polarity change of the magnetic field.

TLE4966V offers on-chip signal processing and provides the information within 20Ás so that microcontroller does not have to be programmed. TLE4966V operates from an unregulated power supply and works with systems from 3.5V to 32V.

Production launch of the TLE4966V is June 2014. It comes in a Thin Small Outline Package with 6 pins (TSOP-6).