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  Date: 27/05/2014

IOT Controller ADK with software from GainSpan

GainSpan has made available cloud connecting software as part of its IOT Controller Application Development Kit(ADK). The cloud connecting software can run on an access point, a gateway, or a server attached to a gateway. This software connects to embedded software running on devices using GS2000 low power Wi-Fi chips or modules, and mobile reference applications.

The IOT devices can be connected in a plug and play way. They can be interfaced to embedded devices, smart phones and tablets through this gateway software which uses industry standard HTTP(s) and CoAP API interfaces.

The data from embedded IOT devices, Cloud and smart phone is stored in a database for better management of connectivity.

The IOT Controller ADK also includes:
Embedded Software for GS2000 Wi-Fi based devices. This software implements service discovery, enabling low power devices to connect to the IOT gateway automatically and periodically send data or receive instructions/configuration from the gateway.
A mobile application / dashboard providing a reference mobile application that OEMs / ODMs can use to design their own mobile app / user interface.

IOT Controller Development Kit
Key features of the development platform:
Controller software component:
Uses Restlet framework and is implemented in a Java2 SE runtime/Android environment.
Interfaces via CoAP / HTTP to highly resource constrained devices, and via HTTP to the cloud or smartphone.
Database for aggregation of data enabling the sensor devices to sleep longer
Embedded software on GS2000
mDNS discovery discovers the IOT Controller and POSTs the data on periodic intervals to the Controller.
Reference mobile application
Graphical interface for monitoring various sensor devices.

"We have developed the IOT controller ADK as there was a clear gap in the market for an easy to use way to enable access points or gateways to support the features required for the growing number of IOT devices in the home and then to connect them with smartphones and cloud services," said Bernard Aboussouan, vice president of marketing, GainSpan. "Our IOT Controller ADK provides a path to deployment of innovative smart home gateways".

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