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New Products

  Date: 27/05/2014

Reprogrammable Hall effect switch/latch IC from Melexis

MLX92242, The new two wire Hall effect switch/latch IC from Melexis Technologies NV is a reprogrammable device with voltage regulator, Hall sensing element and a current sink-configured output driver in a single low profile package. MLX92242 has built-in EEPROM supporting end-of-line (EOL) programming, allowing cancellation of all mechanical tolerances within the application.

Reprogrammability helps engineers to adjust the tolerances as to the application needs and readjust if it is necessary.
The magnetic thresholds and thermal sensitivity coefficients of the sensor can be programmed so that ferrous metal proximity sensing system can be implemented by using this device.

Due to the temperature compensation programmability of the MLX92242 can be used with all kind of magnets including the low cost ferrite materials. The resulting cost-effective and very small ferrous proximity switch handily serves many limit position, proximity detection and encoding applications, says Melexis.

The two wire MLX92242 need provides diagnostic capacity to respond two malfunctions.

The specific applications suggested by Melexis includes seatbelt latch detectors, seat position sensors, window lifters in cars and automotive use and also other industrial applications. This device also feature proprietary offset cancellation system within the magnetic core for faster and more precise processing of the data acquired from the sensing element while being resilient to the temperature fluctuations and other forms of stress that are inherent in automotive and industrial environments. The device can withstand high electro-static discharge (ESD) with 8kV human body mode ESD compliance, and has a broad operational temperature range which spans from -40C to 150C. Reverse supply voltage and under-voltage lockout protection mechanisms are incorporated. It is supplied in a choice of either a 3-pin TO-92-Flat for through-hole mount assembly or in 3-pin TSOT for surface mount assembly.

The MLX92242 is approximately $0.56 for UA package and $0.54 for SE package versions at 10K pieces.

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