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Fiber delay line systems for delay times up to 40 micro seconds

Date: 22/05/2014
EMCORE Corporation introduced Optiva OTS-ODLS 18, 22 and 40 GHz Internal Fiber Delay Line Systems with delay ability up to 40 microseconds.

These fiber optic delay lines offers bandwidth independent of fiber length, losses or delays, and triple transit signals that are immeasurable. They are ideal for applications such as radar system testing, phased array antenna systems, signal processing, and electronic warfare systems. EMCORE's fiber delay line technology takes advantage of the rigid yet flexible properties of fiber optic cable to provide repeatable enhanced phase and group delay characteristics.

Optiva OTS-ODLS series provide RF input and output to connect to an Optiva OTS-2 RF transmitter and receiver. Inside this delay sys the RF signal is converted to an optical signal and transmitted over a fiber optic link to the receiver and provides the required signal delay time. Delay length and link performance requirements can be tailored over a range of performance levels to meet specific requirements.

"EMCORE has a long track record of supplying the highest quality fiber delay lines in a variety of ruggedized form-factors for radar system testing, phase array antennas and electronic warfare systems," said Frank Weiss, EMCORE's Vice President of Advanced Systems. "We are very excited to bring this technology to the Optiva platform where it can be supplied as a complete solution with all modules mounted in a 19" rack-mount Optiva enclosure utilizing standard AC power," added Weiss.

The Optiva OTS-ODLS family of internal fiber delay lines includes 18 GHz, 22 GHz and 40 GHz optimized frequency options, and external Optiva fiber delay line systems. For more information on the Optiva OTS-ODLS visit http://www.emcore.com/fiber-delay-lines.