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Reference design by Maxim for measuring distributed power grid data

Date: 14/05/2014
Analog and mixed signal semiconductor chip maker Maxim has made available a reference design named Petaluma to simultaneously and accurately measure distributed power grid data by utilities and infrastructure providers. Power utility companies can generate accurate distributed Grid status data from power sources such as solar and wind power. By using this reference design engineers can gather voltage and current measurements simultaneously for all lines so that the utility can understand the timing among phases and ensure maximum uptime across the grid. Petaluma features simultaneous-sampling, 8-channel analog input front-end (AFE) that monitors grid data simultaneously from all phases at high-speed.

Petaluma supports the power grids all around the world by having the capability to tune into 50Hz to 60Hz signal. The three phases are sampled simultaneously at a low power consumption in the 1W range and data sample rate of 250ksps per channel with 16-bit accuracy. Petaluma is suitable for cases which require multiple simultaneous sampling of analog inputs, such as multiphase motor control and industrial vibration sensing, to accurately calculate instantaneous power consumption.

"Petaluma was developed as an analog front-end solution ideally suited for the distribution automation grid," said David Andeen, Reference Design Manager at Maxim Integrated. "The subsystem reference design's high sample range of 250ksps per channel ensures accurate capture of fault events so utilities can take immediate action within a single cycle."

"Utilities deploying smart grid infrastructure can benefit from a complete signal-chain AFE subsystem solution for energy measurement on the smart grid," said Jacob Rodrigues Pereira, IHS analyst for smart utilities infrastructure. "As power grids become increasingly distributed, it is increasingly valuable to have distributed measurement solutions that simultaneously and efficiently sample multiple channels while still providing highly accurate points of measurement."