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Wider temp withstanding automotive NOR flash chips from Spansion

Date: 24/04/2014
NOR Flash memory expert Spansion has released six new NOR Flash memory chips for automotive electronics. The new automotive NAND flash products include: S34ML01G1 (1Gb), S34ML02G1 (2Gb) and S34ML04G1 (4Gb). The new automotive serial NOR flash chips are S25FL116K (16Mb), S25FL132K (32Mb) and S25FL164K (64Mb).

These Flash memory chips are fabricated to operate at temperatures of -40C to 105C, higher range compared to the previous family of Spansion.

Nor Flash is widely used in embedded systems to store the code for microcontrollers. Spansion is one of the leading vendor of NOR Flash memory chip is embedded systems market. The high reliability of chips is very important in rugged embedded systems used in applications such as automotives. Automotive-grade devices are need to be AEC-Q100 qualified.