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  Date: 23/04/2014

Bluetooth smart MCU from TI for car

Texas Instruments has unveiled the new CC2541-Q1,wireless microcontroller (MCU) supporting automotive connectivity to emerging smartphone-controlled and wire-replacement applications. The CC2541-Q1 with Bluetooth Smart allows the car user to get information from car and control the vehicle systems.

Smartphone-controlled applications suggested by TI includes:
Keyless entry using a Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone or Bluetooth Smart key fob, either standalone or in conjunction with TI's leading car access solutions
Lighting controls to deliver ambient, clustered and programmable LED lighting
Diagnostic information to help users understand engine warning lights
Services with iBeacon technology for fast discovery and easy pairing with in-car Bluetooth Smart technology
Wire replacement, which reduces weight and cost, and in turn increases fuel economy in:
Wireless infotainment controls in the steering wheel
Low data rate systems for control, personalization settings and alerts via smartphone
Bluetooth Smart remotes for rear seat entertainment systems

TI says CC2541-Q1 is a complete solution with TI's BLE-Stack software and sample applications including over-the-air download support for in-field updates.
SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2541-Q1 features and benefits

Interesting features:
Flash-based firmware can be updated in the field and persistent data can be stored on-chip
Planned support for Bluetooth 4.1 as well as proprietary modes at 250Kbps, 500Kbps, 1Mbps.
Applications can be written directly onto the CC2541-Q1
Ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy operation
-40 to 105 degrees C temperature rating

The SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2541-Q1 wireless MCU is sampling now and is expected to be available in volumes in 3Q 2014.

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