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Enhanced SEMulator3D virtual fab from Coventor

Date: 29/03/2014
Coventor has announced the new version of its SEMulator3D 2014 software platform supporting pattern dependent etch effects, particularly the etch processes used in 3D structures.

SEMulator3D 2014 is also enhanced to offer higher performance to increase the speed of modeling and analysis of all types of structures and devices.

SEMulator3D 2014 includes a full-production version of the popular, time-saving Structure Search feature. Structure Search allows technology developers to examine their entire structural models for specific criteria, checking for potential yield-limiting mechanisms. This feature effectively gives users the capability to find problems in places where they didnít know to look.

Among the other new features and enhancements to improve performance and user productivity are:
Modeling Performance Enhancements
Selective Conformal (Basic) Etch now Multi-Threaded
Multi-Etch speed enhancement
Layout-Aware Rebuild
Improves modeling performance response to design changes
New GUI for the toolís Expeditor feature
Makes complex multi-dimensional DOEs easier to setup and execute
Crystal Etch moved into the toolís Process Editor
Popular custom python, now in process library