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Linear analog DFB laser featured fiber optic transmitter for CATV

Date: 19/03/2014
compound semiconductor device maker EMCORE has launched the linear analog DFB laser based new 2804 Generation II 1310 nm fiber optic transmitter for Cable Television (CATV) applications, a redesigned version of its 2804 line of transmitters.

The 2804 Generation II transmitter is available in a 19 inch, 1 RU rack-mount, fully-contained enclosure and features output power up to 15 dBm. This device is available in configurations can be requested including single or dual power supplies, plus an innovative dual transmitter option is available. The dual transmitter option allows users to deploy two 1310 nm transmitters in the same space traditionally used for one transmitter.

"The new 2804 Generation II transmitter makes EMCORE's laser and RF technology accessible to small and independent operators," said Jaime Reloj, Vice President of Business Development for EMCORE. "The innovative design offers the operator flexibility to configure their system in a variety of ways," added Reloj.