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New Products

  Date: 25/03/2014

Stand-alone Solar PV electricity generator from Panasonic

Panasonic has developed the "Power Supply Container", a complete unit of solar PV based electricity generator for remote areas where connecting to power-grid and laying power transmission line is difficult. The Power Supply Container has high efficiency solar PV modules, lead-acid batteries, and power supply control unit. This unit especially suitable for regions with thousands of small islands such as Indonesia, Philippines, and also hilly/forest terrains, which may now using polluting diesel generators.

Panasonic to provide this Power Supply Container to the National Elementary School Karimunjawa 01 (In Indonesia), in order to improve the facilities and educational environment through providing power for the school's electrical equipment, such as lights and fans, as well as educational tools such as computers, projectors and televisions. This project will supply power to the electrical equipment in the school and classrooms during school time, while the excess energy generated out of school hours will be supplied to the local community, helping to stabilize the local power supply. Panasonic will introduce the Power Supply Container with an aim of starting operations in July 2014.

The twelve Panasonic HIT 240 solar modules can generate approximately 3 kW of electricity. Container has 24 lead-acid storage batteries (17.2 kWh as total) which can supply stored power.

Brief Specifications:
Container: Container for marine transportation
Dimensions (mm): 4780 (W) x 3452 (L) x 3486 (H)
(Container: 3029 (W) x 2438 (L) x 2591 (H))
Mass: Approx. 3000 kg
Maximum inverter output: 3 kW
Total storage capacity: 17.2 kWh
Solar modules: Monocrystalline hybrid solar module "HIT" x 12
Control board: Power Supply Control Unit
Storage batteries: 12V/60Ah deep cycle valve-regulated lead-acid battery x 24

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