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DOCSIS 3.1 supporting 1550 nm DWDM DFB Laser Module for CATV

Date: 20/03/2014
EMCORE has released the 1752A 1550 nm DOCSIS 3.1 DWDM DFB Laser Module for CATV (Cable Television) applications. The new 1752A is the latest model in EMCORE's 1550 nm QAM laser platform and is fully compliant with the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard, supporting operational bandwidth up to 1.2 GHz.

The 1752 laser platform has been designed specifically for CATV applications and the latest DOCSIS 3.1 standard. It features 1.2 GHz operational bandwidth with low adiabatic chirp to maximize signal quality in short and long lengths of fiber. The 1752A is available in a wide range of ITU grid wavelengths and operates over an industrial temperature range. The laser's excellent inherent linearity minimizes degradation of broadcast signals caused by Quadrature Amplitude Modulated (QAM) channels, as per EMCORE.

"We are very pleased to introduce our first DOCSIS 3.1 laser module bringing EMCORE's leading-edge highly-linear DFB laser technology to the latest standard in the CATV industry," said Jaime Reloj, Vice President of Business Development for EMCORE. "The 1752A DOCSIS 3.1 laser is a key enabling component allowing our customers to provide fully DOCSIS 3.1 compliant systems," added Reloj.