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240Gbps Ethernet/OTN PHYs for carrier and data center connectivity

Date: 10/03/2014
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation has unveiled 240Gbps Ethernet/Optical Transport Network (OTN) smart PHY family of devices for Carrier-Ethernet and data center connectivity applications.

The new X-Weave product family X12, X24, X120 and X240 offer up to quadruple device density and half the power consumption compared to competing solutions, claims AMCC.

10/40/100G supporting X-Weave devices seamlessly interface with optical and copper inter-connect technologies. These new products introduce IEEE-compliant Media Access Control Security, or MACSec, to address the emerging demands for wire-rate network security in service provider and data center applications.

“Power consumption of opto-electronics operating at high data rates is the main limiting factor in scaling up performance of modern data centers,” commented Dr. Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO of LightCounting Market Research. “AppliedMicro’s new product directly addresses this problem and it is well positioned to gain wide acceptance in the market.”

“Applied Micro’s new X-Weave products enable next generation Ethernet and OTN platforms to address the insatiable demand for network bandwidth. Importantly, the addition of MACSec to all ports at every speed allows for privacy without compromise. These products build upon AppliedMicro’s extensive OTN experience, world-class analog/mixed-signal expertise and leading-edge semiconductor technology,” said Francesco Caggioni, Senior Director of Marketing & Technology, AppliedMicro.

X12/X24 smart PHY products are sampling now. For more information, please visit www.apm.com.