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Overmolded backshell cable assemblies from API for def/aero

Date: 24/02/2014
API Technologies is offering durable, low pressure overmolded backshells on connector interfaces.

Targeting high-rel applications such as military, aerospace, high-end industrial, oil and gas, as well as medical applications, these durable, waterproof and weather resistant backshells offer improved reliability and a simplified specification process. There is no hard tooling required for MIL-DTL-38999 or many other standard connector interfaces and minimal tooling charges for custom configurations.

API says its proprietary overmolding technology offers superior strain relief and is designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. The backshell’s molding material electromagnetically shields the cable and offers improved insulation between conductors and the conductor shell, as per API.

The overmolded backshell design encapsulates all internal wiring as well as the shield and jacket, ensuring waterproof termination. The mold material penetrates to the connector insert, locking all wires and contacts in place. Contacts will not recess under mechanical stress eliminating the possibility of insulation damage and short circuiting.

These overmolded backshells can reduce cost by approximately 50% compared to standard metal backshells, claims API.

Jason Russolese, EIS director of global sales and marketing, API Technologies said, “This overmolding capability allows us to assist customers with a reliable way to design hi rel cable assemblies and harnesses for harsh environments, while helping them achieve their affordability goals. Moreover, the overmolding reduces manufacturing lead times and lowers cost, all while providing a superior product to standard metal backshells. Our ability to complement this technology with our EMI filtered and custom non-filtered interconnects presents an added value to our customers unmatched in the industry today.”