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  Date: 09/03/2014

Oscilloscope and five more instruments in single unit target embedded sys design

The clutter of test and measurement instruments on an electronics engineer's test desk is a common scene. The three common test gears are oscilloscope, signal/function generator, and multi-meter. These days with wireless a common feature, there are more chances of spectrum analyzer finding increasing use. Well now the electronics design engineer, particularly embedded system designer have option to have single unit for these most commonly used measuring instruments and also a logic and protocol analyzer.

The leading oscilloscope maker Tektronix has launched time and frequency visualizing test gear where six instruments are packed in one bench-top box. The versatile test device starts at a price of US$4000 (approximate Rupees 248000/-).
md scope

In line with today's trend of putting multiple functions/subsystems into single equipment. Tektronix is also come out with this smart idea of integrating multiple test equipments in one single box. Basically when you look at the scope market, They are categorised in three ways; basic, mainstream, high performance. The basic scope is just signal visualisation, Tektronix focus now is on mixed domain oscilloscope, which are the mainstream scopes, where the embedded systems design is the major application area. The 6-in-one Scope is designed to serve the signal visualisation purpose of these kind of users. The new equipment coded MDO3000 is a big launch of Tektronix.

Looking at the number of education institutes in India and number of start-ups in the embedded system design space, India is a big market for this mixed domain signal visualizer tool. Tektronix is positioned very well to serve this market. India oscilloscope market can be estimated to be in the range of 100-120 Million US$ in 2014. A fast growing market basically due to increase in number electronics related education institutes, embedded design services companies and as well as increasing local design and manufacturing. MDO3000 addresses this growing market trend, where precision and affordability are blended for the emerging market needs. MDO3000 is very suitable for embedded design engineering.

Even the global market is growing for mixed domain scopes. Naresh Narasimhan, Marketing Manager of Tektronix says "probably there is about 0.5 Billion (revenue) market worldwide for mainstream (oscilloscopes)"

Kapil Sood, managing director Tektronix India said "2013 was a very good year for us, we grew share both in global and Indian market. India has been on the forefront for quite a while, and our market share in India is very much in line with the market share that we have globally, maybe a bit more."

Technology wise the trend now in board design is analog, digital and RF all in one board. MDO3000 is designed to take care of this emerging design trend which requires measurement of analog digital and RF signal. Most of the boards use in their microcontrollers or SOC chips with standard protocol interfaces. MDO3000 also provides protocol analyser to test data by protocol such as I2C, UART, CAN, LIN, USB 2.0, SPI, FlexRay, MIL-STD-1553 and audio interfaces. Wireless and mixed signal are also two big drivers, which the single unit multipurpose test instrument MDO3000 supports. MDO3000 and also the previous version MDO4000 supports debugging the signal both in time domain and frequency domain simultaneously. 60% of the oscilloscope users want to use spectrum analysers.

Scalability, cost factor, mass market are the needs addressed by MDO3000.

The function generator inside this equipment can generate signal up to 50 MHz, which is okay kind of a range for many applications.

The other key features of MDO3000 includes:
MDO3000 features analog input channels with bandwidth ranges of 100 MHz to 1 GHz, 16 digital channels (optional) and one RF input channel. The RF input frequency on any model can be extended to 3 GHz.

MDO3000 offers a more than 280,000 waveforms per second capture rate displayed in a digital phosphor display. MDO3000 offers and 25 available data combinations automated serial and parallel bus analysis innovative wave Inspector controls and automated power measurements.

The integrated digital voltmeter provides for digit AC RMS, DC, or AC+ DC RMS voltage measurements as well as five digit frequency measurements.

Overall editorial product rating: **** (Outstanding)

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