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4 GSPS speed capable 12-bit ADC

Date: 18/02/2014
The new 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from Texas Instruments, ADC12J4000 clocks in at 4 GSPS and supports the JEDEC JESD204B serial interface standard for data converters up to 8 Gbps. TI claims this ADC consumes 1.9 Watts of power, a 50 percent less power than competitive devices. 10-mm by 10-mm measuring QFN packaged ADC12J4000 can be used in test and measurement, wireless, and defense applications, such as spectrum analyzers, munitions, digital pre-distortion feedback and radar.

The ADC12J4000 can output data on 1 to 8 lanes, depending on the decimation and link rate settings, while simplifying layout.

Supporting RF sampling of more than 3-GHz input bandwidth, this ADC can perform some of the external signal conditioning typically handled by the FPGA at a total decimation at 4/8/10/16/20/32x. This provides attenuation of approximately 80-dB at 80 percent bandwidth, 44 dB at 85 percent and 24 dB at 90 percent, enabling system designers to filter higher frequency signals to lower data rates for their applications.
ADC12J4000 provides a low-noise power ratio of 48.5 dB and noise floor of -149 dBFS/Hz, along with high linearity for signals up to and beyond intermediate frequencies of 3 GHz. These features enable system designs to sample at higher frequencies.

The ADC12J4000 supports the industrial ambient temperature range of -40C to +85C.

Samples of the pin-compatible 2,700-MSPS ADC12J2700 and 1,600-MSPS ADC12J1600 are expected in 1Q 2014 with production quantities expected in 3Q 2014.