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Microcontroller chip from Holtek for blood glucose meter

Date: 18/02/2014
Taiwan-based semiconductor company Holtek has released a new microcontroller chip for blood glucose meters. The HT45F65 and HT45F67 feature high accuracy programmable reference voltage, op-amp, ADC and a temperature sensor function.

Holtek says by including its In-Application program technology, users have a convenient means with which to update their application programs and store their measured data easily and rapidly.

HT45F65 and HT45F67 target applications such as blood glucose meters or integrated blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol metering instruments and also other home health care and other related medical electronics applications.

The other features include 8K or 32K Words of Flash Program Memory, 256 bytes or 512 bytes of RAM Data Memory and a 12-level stack. As for peripheral functions, these devices include a high power saving LCD Driver which can drive up to 180 pixel LCD panels as well as having multiple Timer Modules. These Timer Modules are multi-functional as they include Input Capture, Compare Match Output and PWM Output functions. Additionally, the devices contain UART, SPI and IIC communication interfaces and a D/A converter which can be used for voice output applications.