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Oclaro starts volume production of 700 mW red laser diode

Date: 29/01/2014
Oclaro started volume production of 638nm red laser diode HL63193MG for using laser TV and projector markets. The laser diode producing a power of 700mW measures 5.6mm in diameter and is available in TO package.

High power red laser diodes enhance brightness and image quality of projectors. Oclaro says it's 700mW red laser diodes enable customers to maximize overall output power without increasing the number of components inside the projector.

"Oclaro is excited to release this unique laser diode at Photonics West 2014," said Yves LeMaitre, President, Optical Connectivity Business of Oclaro. "We are ready for mass production with this product and believe it will enable new and exciting consumer applications for red lasers. This new laser diode is a result of our industry leadership in chip technology and expertise in delivering red lasers with both high efficiency and high optical output-power."

The Oclaro AlGaInP red laser diode's features include:
Short wavelength of 638nm
High optical output power of 700mW
5.6mm diameter small packaging
Multi-transverse mode
Operating temperature up to 40 degreeC
Operating current of 900mA