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High performance 8051 Microcontroller IP core from CAST

Date: 28/01/2014
CAST, Inc is offering 8051-compatible microcontroller core with 26.85 times the performance per MHz of the original 8051 chip.

The new S8051XC3 Super-Fast 8051 MCU Core is suggested for managing analog sensors or radios in Internet of Things and wearable electronics devices; or running deeply embedded systems.

S8051XC3 offers a Dhrystone 2.1 performance rating of 0.252 DMIPS/MHz, a 26.85 times speed up over the original 80C51 chip operating at the same frequency.
This extremely smart 8051 IP takes 6200 gates (65nm LP) and operate at a maximum CPU frequency exceeding 500 MHz.

Offers ultra-fast interrupt response within three cycles without using additional interrupt controllers.

With a dynamic power consumption 2.4µW/MHz, this 8051 IP matches the performance of 32-bit processors in power consumption.

Features inexpensive single-wire hardware debug pods, 100% compatibility with standard 80C51 code, and support by Keil and other popular debug environments facilitate smooth development.

CAST says "The S8051XC3 achieves these competitive advantages by incorporating processor innovations rarely applied to 8-bit microcontrollers, including branch prediction, multiple instructions issued in one clock cycle, single-cycle multiplication and division, and even a separate, Harvard-like, data-bus."

“Who could have imagined that an 8051 could one day challenge embedded 32-bit RISC processors? Well, the S8051XC3 does it, while still preserving its energy efficiency and small silicon footprint,” said Nikos Zervas, chief operating officer for CAST. “We’ve had the 8051 vision since 1999, have already seen it work for hundreds of different customer applications, and are excited to now offer this state-of-the-art new version that continues to solve designer’s problems both elegantly and cost-effectively.”