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10 Gb serial link aggregators with 70% lesser footprint compared to FPGA

Date: 15/01/2014
Texas Instruments has introduced pair of 10-Gbps serial link aggregator Ics: TLK10081 1- to 8-channel and TLK10022 dual-channel ICs . They aggregate and de-aggregate point-to-point serial data streams for transmission over backplanes, copper cables and optical links. TI says these devices occupy a 70% lesser footprint compared to FPGA chips and use only two power rails, compared to the five or six rails needed with FPGAs.

TI serial link aggregators directly connect serial links from data converters and processors without having to re-format the data for transmission in applications like wireless infrastructure, switches, routers, video surveillance, machine vision, high-speed imaging and optical transport systems. The TLK10081 can aggregate up to eight lanes of full-duplex, 1.25-Gbps data traffic onto a single 10-Gbps link for transmission over short-distance backplanes or copper cables up to 10 meters, or long-distance optical links.

More on that at www.ti.com