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FlexIMS based VoLTE on GCT's 4G LTE chipsets

Date: 08/01/2014
Ecrio and GCT Semiconductor have announced extending their partnership to integrate Ecrio FlexIMS based VoLTE on GCT's 4G LTE Chipsets.

GCT's LTE chip GDM7243 embeds VoLTE for devices such as smartphones. Ecrio FlexIMS technology was designed to enable IMS services functions to be distributed between the Modem Processor and Application/Network Processors.

"By embedding VoLTE onto our LTE chipset, we have created a turnkey VoLTE solution that will accelerate time-to-market and allow for easier integration into mobile devices such as smartphones," said Alex Sum, vice president of sales and marketing at GCT Semiconductor, Inc. "We are pleased to be working with Ecrio and leverage their VoLTE expertise, to offer a solution with high performance, high integration and low power consumption."

"We are pleased with the broad industry adoption of our FlexIMS technology and proud to join GCT in announcing this significant milestone," said Michel Gannage, Ecrio Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Ecrio is committed to supporting GCT in integrating functionality needed to further accelerate VoLTE and advanced services deployments."