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Headset design using ComHear’s earbuds and Wolfson’s WM8280 audio chip

Date: 06/01/2014
Wolfson Microelectronics and ComHear have together partnered to develop reference design headset using ComHear’s EarPuff earbuds where ComHear’s Kinetic Audio Processing (KAP) software is integrated into Wolfson’s WM8280 Audio Hub solution with ambient noise cancellation (ANC). This headset can be used with all types of mobile consumer audio devices, but is designed more specifically for wearable media presentation devices such as ComHear’s Playbutton, a fully customizable MP3 digital music player in a branded, wearable button.

ComHear’s KAP software eliminate the “in head” effect which can be common with headsets. Users can listen at lower volume levels with same audio effect as high-volume.

Wolfson’s WM8280 with ComHear KAP software is available now.