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50 V moisture resistant RF power transistors

Date: 11/12/2013
STMicroelectronics has made volume-availability of two new moisture-resistant radio-frequency (RF) power transistors that increase the ruggedness and reliability of applications operating in high-moisture environments.

The cavity of the two 50V RF DMOS devices is filled with gel, protecting the die from electro-migration such as silver dendrite migration, a well-known phenomenon that appears in standard ceramic packages due to a combination of high temperature, biasing and humidity. The use of gel-filled packages helps reduce the overall maintenance costs of the applications running in high-moisture environments.

STs 150W SD2931-12MR and 300W SD4933MR provide a cost-effective solution for 50V industrial RF power generators in applications such as induction heating, CO2 laser-beam sources, PECVD (Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) sputtering, and solar-cell manufacturing equipment.

The SD4933MR also features the industrys highest breakdown voltage, which is greater than 200V combined with a 65:1 load mismatch capability in all phases, meeting the most robust design needs.

The SD2931-12MR and SD4933MR are in full production and are priced, in quantities of 1000 units, at $53 and $77.6, respectively.

For further information visit www.st.com/rf