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16 x 26 mm LGA 3G UMTS/HSPA cellular modem module

Date: 12/12/2013
u-blox has launched 16 x 26 mm measuring 3G variant cellular module called SARA-U2 series. The small size surface mount UMTS/HSPA cellular modem is suggested for industrial M2M, vehicle and consumer applications. The new SARA product line is available either as a 3G only version, or with 2G fall-back capability.

The range of applications suggested includes connected navigation systems, mobile-internet devices, security and surveillance systems, eCall, fleet management, metering, anti-theft and usage-based insurance systems, and battery driven handheld applications.

“SARA-U2 is the smallest 3G module on the market, allowing the creation of ultra-compact 3G solutions at price points unthinkable before. The 2G fall-back option makes it the ideal choice for systems that must deliver maximum coverage,” said Thomas Nigg, VP Product Marketing at u-blox, “u-blox now provides the industry’s most comprehensive, cross-compatible selection of cellular modems supporting all mobile standards.”

Two of the four variants, the SARA-U260 and SARA-U270, provide GSM/GPRS fallback while SARA-U280 and SARA-U290 are cost-efficient 3G-only variants . The modules are pin-compatible with SARA-G3 GSM/GPRS modules, as well as layout compatible with LISA-C2 CDMA and TOBY-L1 LTE modules to support future-proof 4G designs.

All SARA modules share the exact same form-factor and footprint, and are designed to support u-blox’ “Nested Design” philosophy which enables modems to be “hot-swapped” across the entire range of u-blox 2G, 3G and 4G cellular modems.

SARA serves the M2M applications requiring UMTS/HSPA, GSM/GPRS, voice and/or data, plus optional Internet suite (embedded TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP and FTP). In-band modem support for eCall and ERA GLONASS vehicle emergency call applications is also provided. In the power consumption also SARA said to consume less power.

The SARA supports A-GPS for accelerated positioning used in telematics devices and also supports u-blox’ unique CellLocate hybrid positioning technology to facilitate advanced location-aware systems requiring indoor positioning.

RIL software for Android and Embedded Windows is available free of charge.

SARA-U2 UMTS/HSPA module prototypes are available in February 2014; samples are available in April 2014.

For more information visit www.u-blox.com