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1.9 x 2 mm measuring mini MCU from Freescale for IoT applications

Date: 11/12/2013
Freescale has designed small size microcontroller IC (MCU) of size 1.9 mm x 2 mm for designing extremely small size embedded boards, mainly for applications such as Internet of things. The Freescale Kinetis miniature (mini) MCUs use wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WL-CSP packaging).

Freescale claims it has already shipped 10 million units of Kinetis mini MCUs Kinetis mini MCUs are ideal for small and smart applications, including:
Intelligent wearables including watches and cameras
Portable medical monitoring and delivery
Tablet, computing and portable phone accessories
Remote controls and remote monitoring

Learn more about Kinetis mini MCUs at freescale.com/KinetisMinis