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New optical modulator driver from Hittite

Date: 05/12/2013
Hittite Microwave has announced its new optical modulator driver, HMC7282B operates up to 32 Gbps and delivers up to 8 Vp-p output signal swing with good jitter and group delay characteristics. The HMC7282B operates from a DC supply voltage of 5V to 8V and features scalable power dissipation for varying output drive voltage requirements. It consumes less than 4.5 W and 5.5 W, for 6.5 Vp-p and 7.5 Vp-p output voltage swing levels, respectively. The output signal swing and crosspoint are independently adjustable for each channel, which allows for optimization of driver characteristics while meeting required optical performance.

The HMC7282B is a highly integrated connectorized module with 50 Ohm matched AC coupled RF inputs and outputs. The RF output ports are designed to withstand up to 50V DC bias voltages relative to the supply voltage in order to support varying modulator bias conditions.

Samples and evaluation kits for the HMC7282B are available from stock and can be ordered via the company's e-commerce site or via direct purchase order. Released data sheets and detailed information are available on-line at www.hittite.com.