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600V trench-gate field-stop IGBT features smooth and tail-less turn-off

Date: 04/12/2013
STMicroelectronics has made available an advanced 600V trench-gate field-stop IGBT1 V series featuring a smooth and tail-less turn-off characteristic, saturation voltage down to 1.8V, and maximum operating junction temperature of 175C. This device also feature increased system energy efficiency, higher switching frequencies, and simplified thermal and EMI2 design, as per ST.

ST says its new devices increase switching efficiency and maximum operating frequency by eliminating the conventional IGBT turn-off current tail and have ultra-thin die thickness to assist switching performance and improve thermal dissipation. The proprietary optimized trench gate field-stop process provides improved thermal resistance and maximum junction temperature up to 175C, as well as tight control over parameters such as saturation voltage, allowing safe paralleling of multiple IGBTs and enabling a greater current density and higher on-state efficiency, adds ST.

ST claims new IGBTs are extremely robust, featuring high dV/dt capability. A co-packaged ultra-fast soft-recovery diode minimizes turn-on energy losses. Diode-free variants are also available for more cost-sensitive applications.

STs V series IGBTs rated from 20A to 80A are in production now in TO-3P, TO-3PF, TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-247 or D2PAK packages. The 40A/600V STGW40V60DF in TO-247 package is priced at $2.80 for orders over 1,000 pieces.

For more info visit www.st.com/igbt.