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BCM97428GN reference design from Broadcom gets MoCA 2.0 certified

Date: 03/12/2013
Broadcom's BCM97428GN reference design, based on its high-definition set-top box IC BCM7428 has received MoCA 2.0 Golden Node (GN) Certification.

Broadcom Golden Nodes for MoCA 1.1 Band D, and MoCA 1.1 Band E are part of the official MoCA test beds and the BCM97428GN is now a Golden Node in the newly developed test bed for MoCA 2.0.

All of Broadcom's MoCA 2.0-enabled devices are available: BCM3322, BCM3325, BCM3332, BCM3335, BCM3385, BCM4562, BCM6802, BCM6803, BCM7145, BCM7364, BCM7366, BCM7399, BCM7422, BCM7425, BCM7428, BCM7429, BCM7430, BCM7435, BCM7438, BCM7439, and BCM7445. Golden Node units are available for purchase by all MoCA members.