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Latest version of PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.2 made available

Date: 04/11/2013
Imagination Technologies has announced the availability of Its latest version of PowerVR Graphics SDK (Software Development Kit) v3.2. The product is going to be launched at Imagination Developers Connection 2013 (idc2013), an event for VLSI design engineers who are using Imagination's graphics processor IP cores in their SoC chip design.

Bryce Johnstone, senior marketing manager for ecosystems for Imagination says “At Imagination, we are focusing our efforts on providing the best cross-platform profiling and debugging utilities for developers looking to create applications targeting our PowerVR GPUs and MIPS CPUs. The newly-added functionality, examples and documentation for the recently-released PowerVR Graphics SDK provide unique, valuable resources that position our graphics development environment as the leading solution for graphics development in mobile.”

The PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.2 includes examples for the OpenGL ES 2.0 extensions that highlight advanced functionality for PowerVR Series5XT GPUs and OpenGL ES 3.0 examples showing 3D textures and efficient, real-time reflections and refractions. PVRTrace has been updated to support recording and playback for applications that render using multiple threads and/or windows. Additionally, PVRTrace now implements a static call analysis feature which automatically identifies incorrect application programming interface (API) use and potential performance problems, helping developers save precious time. Powerful new additions to PVRTune include enhanced profiling for PowerVR Series6 GPUs, OpenCL support and API timing data, allowing developers to better profile their apps.

Johnstone further suggests “In order to ensure developers take full advantage of our hardware IP and software tools, we’re now rolling out a series of worldwide events where our developer community is able to directly access detailed information on the underlying processor architecture and how that impacts their code.”

Download the SDK for free and interact with the community through developer forums at www.powervrinsider.com.