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  Date: 04/11/2013

Tiny 1x1mm MOSFET and BJT with 2A collector current rating

NXP Semiconductors has introduced both MOSFETs and bipolar junction transistors with collector current capability of 2A and peak standing of 3A in a small package of measuring 1.1-mm x 1-mm x 0.37-mm low-profile DFN (discrete flat no-leads) package. These transistors with such a high power density forces the design engineer to scrap the bigger sized transistors and replace them with these new transistors, particularly in the cases of applications where size and power performance matters.

“Achieving this high value for drain and collector current in such a small plastic package is unprecedented,” said Joachim Stange, product manager, transistors, NXP Semiconductors. “With this milestone, NXP continues to push the envelope in ultra-compact packaging and performance in MOSFETs and bipolar transistors.”

Available in two package versions of single-die DFN1010D-3 (SOT1215) package with a power dissipation capability of 1 W comes, these transistors feature tin-plated solderable side pads, making them suitable for automotive electronics and any such robust systems. The dual-die package DFN1010B-6 (SOT1216) with the 1.1-mm˛ footprint is the smallest package available for dual transistors, according to NXP.

NXP says these products in DFN1010 can replace many WL-CSP devices, as well as larger DFN and standard leaded SMD packages such as SOT23 which is eight times the size, while delivering equivalent or even better performance.

Other Key features includes
Single and dual MOSFETs (N-ch/P-ch)
Low RDSon values down to 34mOhm
Voltage range of 12 V to 80 V
ESD protection of 1 kV
Single low VCEsat (BISS) transistors
Low VCEsat values down to 70 mV
Collector current (IC) up to 2 A, Peak collector current (ICM) up to 3 A
VCEO of 30 V and 60 V
AEC-Q101 qualification
Dual NPN/PNP resistor-equipped (digital) transistor (100 mA, R1=R2=47 kOhm / AEC-Q101 qualified)
Single and dual general purpose transistors

Availability: The new transistors in DFN1010 are available immediately in high-volume production.

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