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Low noise rail to rail op amp

Date: 31/10/2013
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (New JRC) has introduced to the market the NJU77806, a rail to rail output single CMOS operational amplifier with low noise characteristic (5.5nV/vHz typ. at f=1kHz) consistent with low operating current of 500ľA. JRC claims this is the industry's best noise performance.

It also has a wide band characteristic (GBP=4.4MHz) and high RF noise immunity.

The NJU77806 with low operating current of 500ľAis suitable for an amplifier requiring low noise characteristic in a low frequency band such as amplifiers for vibration sensor using in servo system, motion sensor, measuring apparatus and microphone. The NJU77806 is also suitable for battery powered equipment requiring low operating current.

NJU77806 provides a wide band characteristic of GBP=4.4MHz. In sensor amplifier application, amplifiers are easily affected by electromagnetic noises caused by wireless LAN system and mobile phones. Therefore RF immunity is an important characteristic in this application. The NJU77806 provides RF immunity characteristic with the outstanding low noise, says JRC.

Low noise microphone amplifier
Photo diode amplifier
Shock sensor amplifier
Accelerometer sensor
Security equipment
Wireless LAN
Communication equipment

Availability: Engineering Sample (ES) Available Mass Production (MP) in November, 2013