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FETs from CEL for satellite and wireless equipment

Date: 17/10/2013
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) has unveiled two Small Signal GaAs FET NE3516S02 and NE3513M04 for designing X to Ku band low noise block (LNB) downconverters for direct broadcast satellites and also for designing X to Ku band wireless communications. CEL says these GaAs FETs offer improved Associated Gain and Noise Figure performance over previous generation devices.

Key Features:
Typical performance at 12GHz with bias 2V / 10mA:
NE3516S02: NF = 0.35dB, Ga = 14dB (typically used for 1st stage)
NE3513M04: NF = 0.45dB, Ga = 13dB (typically used for 2nd stage)
Both devices maintain impressive NF and Ga at the lower bias of 2V / 6mA, as follows:
NE3516S02: NF = 0.35dB, Ga = 13.5dB
NE3513M04: NF = 0.50dB, Ga = 12dB
Pricing, Packaging and Availability
Samples are available now at CEL. Pricing is as follows:
NE3516S02: $0.72 @ 100K pcs
NE3513M04: $0.52 @ 100K pcs

CEL has also introduced the NE555 family of RF Discrete LD MOSFETs which were specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of 2-Way Radios. The NE555 series are also great medium power transistors for Automatic Metering Infrastructure, RFID readers, and general short range wireless applications.

Key Features:
RF output power options of 9W, 7W, and 2W at frequencies up to 1GHz, with nominal 7.5V supply.
High Power Added Efficiencies in the 52-60% range for 915MHz, and 63-73% range for 157MHz.
Built-in ESD protection, and high mismatch tolerance (ruggedness).
High thermal conductivity packaging.

CEL has evaluation boards optimized at 460MHz and 915MHz, and offers extensive design support.