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New Products

  Date: 27/10/2013

Replacement Op Amp ICs for ADI's AD8051, AD8052 and AD8054

Exar has announced three operational amplifiers XR8051, XR8052 and XR8054, which are pin to pin replacement for Analog Devices AD8051, AD8052 and 150MHz AD8054 single, dual and quad devices, respectively. The XR805x family of high-speed operational amplifiers is well suited for applications such as video distribution and surveillance systems to achieve optimal performance and lower overall system power consumption.

The key specifications of XR805x op-amp family includes:
175MHz -3dB Unity Gain Bandwidth
Rail-to-rail Output
Inputs extend 300mV beyond the Negative Supply Voltage
50MHz Full Power Bandwidth (VO=2Vpp),
190V/us Slew Rate,
0.03%/0.03 degree Differential Gain/Phase
2.6mA per Channel
+/- 100mA Output Current
92dB Open Loop Gain
102dB Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR)
100dB Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)

The new XR805x family of op-amps targeted at applications including video surveillance and distribution systems, professional and IPC cameras, active filter circuits, coaxial cable drivers, and electronic white boards. The amplifiers can drive four video loads and operate from a wide supply voltage range to accommodate general purpose, high-speed applications where dual supplies of up to +/- 6V or single supplies from +2.7V to +12V are required.

"The XR805x family offers customers an opportunity to make their designs more power efficient and at the same time, improve performance," said Gary Ross, Exar's senior vice president and general manager, High Performance Analog product line. "These pin for pin drop-in replacements allow customers to lower power consumption in existing platforms and offer performance enhancements that enable next generation designs."

Product Availability
The XR805x family is available now and comes in the following packages:
XR8051 TSOT-5 / SOIC-8
XR8052 MSOP-8 / SOIC-8
XR8054 TSSOP-14 / SOIC-14

The suggested retail price for the XR805x family ranges from $0.69 for the single device to $1.34 for the quad device in 1,000-unit quantities.

To know more visit www.exar.com

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