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Wi-Fi video monitoring camera designed using SOC from Ambarella

Date: 23/10/2013
Cloud storage supporting Wi-Fi video monitoring camera from Dropcam is powered by high definition camera SoC from Ambarella.

The product named Dropcam Pro features builtin mic and speaker, live watch of video on smart phones, night-vision, location awareness, Cloud storage, good picture quality in low light, 8x zoom, video encryption,

“With Dropcam Pro, we are shaping the future of home monitoring,” said Greg Duffy, CEO and co-founder, Dropcam. “Our engineers have worked closely with Ambarella since we began designing the Dropcam product line. Together we are delivering cameras with the highest video quality in a compact, low power design.”

“We are thrilled that Dropcam chose Ambarella as their partner for Dropcam Pro,” said Fermi Wang, CEO of Ambarella. “Dropcam Pro's unique blend of exceptional video quality, ease of use, and connectivity options makes it the ideal home security camera and hub for the emerging connected home.”

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