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Dialogic's session border controller with native software transcoding

Date: 21/10/2013
Dialogic has announced session border controller with native software transcoding. Dialogic's BorderNet Virtualized SBC and the BorderNet 4000 SBC integrated with software transcoding support.

“Service providers are catching on to the investment return from driving functionality to data centers and virtualized environments instead of to proprietary purpose-built platforms. It’s in their interest to tap into the scalability, flexibility and cost savings that come with NFV, and Dialogic's native software transcoding capabilities are a critical part of that pursuit,” said Jim Machi, vice president of product management for Dialogic. “By integrating the unparalleled media processing capabilities of our PowerMedia technology, we can seamlessly add to the BorderNet 4000 and Virtualized SBCs other capabilities - like video and WebRTC codec support and interworking - more easily and more quickly.”

In addition to software transcoding, BorderNet Release 3.2 includes scalable support for SIP, SIP-I and SIP-T interworking across mobile and fixed networks, IP Multimedia Subsystem Proxy Call Server Control Function (P-CSCF) capabilities and enhanced complex call handling to support advanced UC and contact center call scenarios.