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Ultrasound transceiver packs pulsers, T/R switches, ADC, LNA, VGA, and more

Date: 22/10/2013
Maxim integrated products has launched a highly integrated octal ultrasound transceiver IC MAX2082, which has analog, mixed signal and RF functional blocks such as 200V pulsers, transmit/receive switch, analog to digital converter(ADC), low noise amplifier (LNA), variable gain amplifier(VGA), CW mixer, anti-aliasing filters and coupling capacitors. Maxim claims MAX2082 saves 40% board space and consumes 30% less power than conventional architecture.

MAX2082 packs all these functions in a 10x26mm ball grid array (BGA) package.

The speciality of this device is, this chip replaces a complex discrete board/circuit comprising of thousands of components to do the same job.

"The shift to more portable ultrasound equipment plays to Maxim's strengths of integration and low power. Maxim is the only supplier that combines the high- and low-voltage blocks into one package," said Manav Malhotra, Executive Business Manager at Maxim Integrated.

The Performance features of this IC includes: Improved system sensitivity and image quality through an ultra-low noise figure of 2.8 dB at RIN = RS = 200 ohms and a high-dynamic-range receiver of 76 dBFS SNR at fIN = 5 MHz and 2-MHz bandwidth to achieve higher ultrasound image quality. This IC also features lesser power-supply noise and switching noise. Ultrasound medical equipment designers can now shrink size of portable ultrasound equipment without sacrificing performance.

The MAX2082 with indicative price of $70.00/each is specified over the 0-degree Celsius to 70-degree Celsius temperature range.

Editorial product rating: *** (very good)