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Free PCB and mechanical design software from a component retailer

Date: 11/10/2013
RS Components is known as online shop for buying wide range of electronic components from leading brands. They deliver small quantity electronic components which includes semiconductor ICs and all other types of electronic components used by electronic design engineers. Electronics design engineer or a service engineer who'd like to replace a faulty IC can search and order online and can get the part within seven days to any part of India.

The interesting product from RS Components is free PCB design software. Any electronic design engineer can download or get a CD version of PCB design software called DesignSpark. The free PCB design software from RS components serves the PCB design needs of most common electronics systems, mainly industrial electronics, automation and control needs. However for complex RF design and mobile device design this software has limitations.

RS Components has recently announced mechanical design version of DesignSpark software to support mechanical design aspects of electronics systems. The enclosure/box for the electronic systems can be designed using this free mechanical design software.

By giving away these free tools, RS Components intended to promote innovation and create demand for small quantity electronic components. Eric Lee, head of regional technical marketing, Asia-Pacific, RS components, says "they want to spark the design by giving away this free designspark tool, we wanted to enable engineers". He finds there is increasing trend of designing life enhancement systems, robotics and energy saving green electronics. On India focus, Eric says "There are many industries of good potential we will not focus on one or two industry, we are pretty much offering half a million products on our catalogue"

Ajay Gupta, chief operating officer of RS Components India says "we have a unique standing when it comes to competition, the uniqueness we have in our offer is we address both electronics and maintenance". On new product introduction, Ajay says "There are about 4000 to 5000 new products added every month"

RS Components is a reliable source for buying small quantity of components from leading brands. If designer wish to explore components for start-ups or tier2 and tier3 vendors, RS Components may not be a right source, since RS does not support that well for products from startups and tier2/tier3 vendors.