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  Date: 20/10/2013

Embedded-Systems-specific Intel Atom E3800 gets software eco support

Intel Atom processor E3800 product family has received software support from two system software companies QNX and Insyde. QNX Software Systems has announced it will support Intel Corporation’s new Intel Atom processor E3800 product family, formerly codenamed “Bay Trail.” Insyde Software has also announced the availability of its InsydeH2O and a comprehensive Software Platform for x86 Android in support of the new Intel Atom processor E3800 product family as well as Intel's Celeron processor for intelligent systems.

Intel's Atom processor E3800 family built on the Silvermont microarchitecture and is made using 22 nm FinFET process. These chips are designed to work in harsh industrial/outdoor weather conditions while consuming less power and packing higher computing capabilities. The features of E3800 include higher I/O connectivity, integrated memory controller, virtualisation, error correction code (ECC), and built-in security capabilities. The targeted products in the embedded computer domain include digital signage, kiosks, ATM and point of sale terminals, portable medical devices, industrial control systems/factory automation, and in vehicle infotainment systems in automotive.

The new processor family is also designed to address the growing performance-per-watt needs of a wide range of intelligent systems such as automotive infotainment systems, medical devices, building automation panels, and industrial control systems.

“Stellar graphics support is crucial for application and intelligent system development,” said Sam Cravatta, product line manager, Intel Intelligent Systems Group. “The Atom processor E3800 product family is the first to take advantage of Intel’s Gen 7 graphics, complementing QNX Software Systems’ graphics framework, tools, and runtime components for creating sophisticated displays that feature improved 2D and 3D graphics rendering with little CPU overhead.”

Insyde's Software Platform for Android includes support for developing Humanos (Insyde's optimized version of x86 Android), Multiple-Open-Windows, Secure Boot, unique Android apps, customization services, Google certification testing preparation services, and an Android App Market that can be private labeled to meet specific OEM requirements.

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