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SIMD and hardware virtualization supporting CPU core from Imagination

Date: 14/10/2013
Imagination Technologies has unveiled MIPS P5600 core supporting 128-bit SIMD and hardware virtualization. Imagination claims this processor core takes 30% smaller area on silicon compared to comparable CPU cores from other competitors.

The other features supported by MIPS P5600 core includes Enhanced Virtual Addressing (EVA) and Extended Physical Addressing (XPA). MIPS P5600 core is rated to achieve CPU IP performance exceeding 5 CoreMark/MHz with 3.5 DMIPS/MHz. This processor IP is suggested for applications such as servers, automotive and other products requiring the use of multiple secure and isolated operating systems.

The P5600 claimed as the first MIPS CPU core to feature full 128-bit SIMD support, delivering the highest performance for a wide range of tasks that can exploit the efficiencies of SIMD execution in data-parallel applications such as audio codecs, image processing, DSP, low-level simple 2D graphics and other media-rich applications.