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ICsense designs ASIC for world's first MEMS speaker

Date: 09/10/2013
Audio Pixels Holdings Limited has selected ICsense to design high-voltage ASIC chips for driving its MEMS based digital speakers. Audio Pixels has designed and patented low cost micro-electro mechanical ("MEMS") digital speakers to convert digital audio signal into sound waves.

"The wealth of knowledge and experience demonstrated by ICsense throughout a rather intense qualification process, provided us with the unwavering confidence that we have selected an ideal partner for our ASIC design needs," said Yuval Cohen, Chief Technology Officer of Audio Pixels. "Additionally, ICsense's turnkey approach which includes test and manufacturing services, delivers an efficient and cost effective mass-production solution to seamlessly integrate the High-Voltage ASIC driver with our MEMS structure."

"We are proud that Audio Pixels has selected ICsense to design and supply the high-voltage ASIC for the world's first digital MEMS speaker. This unique development will benefit from ICsense's long track record in MEMS ASICs. But at the same time, it will pose exciting challenges, since it combines innovative MEMS technology, high-voltage operation and disruptive speaker performance," explains Bram De Muer, CEO and co-founder of ICsense. "We look forward to be part of Audio Pixels's MEMS digital speakers that will change the way we perceive voice and music on future electronic devices."

Audio Pixels' MEMS-based speakers are said to be smaller, thinner, clearer sounding, more power-efficient Compared to traditional speakers. The improvement is comparable to advantages of the LCD display over picture tube display.

After reaching mass production stage Audio Pixels plans to sell and/or license its products to the manufacturers of speakers and consumer electronic devices. Audio Pixels to make and sell a single type of silicon chip that can be used either as a standalone speaker or cascaded in any multiples of the same chip in order to achieve the desired performance specifications. This type of modular offering is designed to save significant resources in designing and specifying new drivers, acoustic chambers and drive electronics for each new device. The calibration of one device is expected to take care of multiple versions of the Speaker product, saving the manufacturer from calibrating separately for each version of the product.

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