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First SDR radio chip by NXP for C2C and C2I communication

Date: 11/10/2013
NXP Semiconductors N.V. has unveiled software defined radio processor chip SAF5100 for car to car (C2C) and car to infrastructure (C2I) communication.

NXP semiconductors has successfully conducted field trials of C2C and C2I communication based on the earlier version of this chip in Germany. Two more trials or under progress by University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) in the US; and the SCORE@F trial in France.

The Software defined feature in SAF5100 processor supports full programmability with unique algorithms to improve reception in wireless communication. SAF5100 supports different wireless standards and different OEM antenna configurations such as 802.11p antenna diversity. The Firmware can be updated according to the standards requirements of the region. It integrates 802.11p firmware from Cohda Wireless. SAF5100 is packed in a 12 x 12 mm LFBGA package. NXP says SAF5100's unique software-defined radio approach allows OEMs to deploy a global C2X solution based on a single hardware platform with end-of-line configurability by firmware download.

The concept of connected car allows vehicle to communicate wirelessly with other cars and the traffic infrastructure exchanging location, speed and direction data. With this technology there can be significant improvement in safety by reducing accidents with or without driver's mistake. Cars can alert each other about the chances of a crash and prevent them either by informing the driver or automatically taking some safety actions. Features such as these makes the design of self driving car easier.

With proven success in major car-to-X communications trials, our chips have already set important benchmarks in terms of mobility performance and flexibility. By making the SAF5100 chip available for evaluation by major car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers, we are now one step closer in realizing the vision of enabling a complete C2X infrastructure with the goal of bringing the first C2C and C2I solutions to vehicles from 2015/2016 onwards, said Torsten Lehmann, senior vice president and general manager, car entertainment solutions, NXP Semiconductors. NXP is committed to connecting the car to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce traffic congestion, avoid accidents, and ultimately save lives.