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  Date: 13/10/2013

ST's software stack for its video SoC is compliant with GENIVI specs

STMicroelectronics has announced that it successfully registered software stack for its flagship video-processor System-on-Chip (SoC) as compliant with the latest GENIVI specification, an open source platform for in vehicle infotainment systems.

ST's multimedia SoC chip STiH416 can host ST’s IVI-SDK GENIVI compliant software stack.

“The GENIVI specification is rapidly evolving and it will ultimately ensure in-vehicle infotainment systems can develop quickly and address the broadest possible range of applications for the benefit of OEMs and vehicle users,” said Marco Carilli, Director of Software & Applications, IVI Business Unit, Unified Platform Division, ST’s Digital Convergence Group. “The GENIVI compliant software stack for STiH416 proves the ability of our system-on-chip architecture to deliver instant response and seamless multi-screen experiences. These features are key to providing safe and reliable driver assistance as well as the same high-quality experiences available in today’s connected homes.”

ST’s STiH416 SoC is a high definition video processor chip with support for High-Definition H.264/VC-1/AVS/MPEG2 video and 3D graphics acceleration. It is powered by ARM Cortex application processor, plus dedicated multimedia processing engine, quad-core graphics processor, audio DSP, and connectivity such as multiple Ethernet, HDMI and USB2.0, plus audio/TV outputs. ST claims STiH416 offers outstanding power efficiency and dedicated hardware-based security features and provides ample resources to host the GENIVI stacks and support unique customer IVI applications.

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