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Online access to MPW semiconductor chip tape-out service

Date: 01/10/2013
eSilicon Corporation has launched its new automated, instant online quote system for multi-project wafer (MPW) shuttle services, a service used for prototyping small quantity of semiconductor chips for VLSI chip designers. The online service can be accessed through web or smartphone to generates executable MPW quotes.

eSilicon is providing its MPW services on most nodes from leading semiconductor fab service provider TSMC at 20nm-350nm and also from another leading semiconductor fab service provider GLOBALFOUNDRIES on most nodes at 20nm-180nm.

eSilicon explains: MPWs reduce IC prototyping cost by up to 90 percent versus a full production mask by grouping multiple IC designs on one wafer shuttle; mask and wafer costs are shared by multiple program participants. MPWs are used for product prototyping; verification of IP, standard-cell libraries and I/Os; device characterization; and low-quantity production runs. MPWs are a good match for research or early development projects looking for proof of concept, rather than thousands of die. IP suppliers use low-cost MPW shuttles to experiment with new circuitry or verify working silicon.

The services offered by eSilicon includes:
Validate database integrity
Validate CAD content
Validate process options and attributes
Submit tooling request after thorough data collection and checking
Address mismatches between the database and plan of record
Address database-mask shop issues during data conversion and mask making
Assess DRC violations

“Having the ability to efficiently perform 'what if' MPW scenarios with different technology possibilities leads to the best cost/performance selection. Then validating designs on an MPW allows our customers to mitigate risk prior to moving to high-quality production silicon,” said Gino Skulick, eSilicon’s VP and GM, IC Solutions. “A number of customers have been using the online MPW quote system to plan budgets as well as place MPW shuttle orders.”

“The ability to use the automated form to compare multiple options for an MPW is a big time saver,” said Dr. Runsheng He, CTO of Credo Semiconductor. “And having eSilicon manage the process with the foundry simplifies the project for me and my team—we can spend our time focusing on design and differentiation.”

For more details visit www.esilicon.com