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Date: 25/09/2013

UniPixel and Kodak cobranding touch sensor family 'InTouch'

UniPixel and Kodak are collaborating deeper in cobranding a touch sensor product. The touch sensor family called UniBoss from UniPixel is now cobranded as "InTouch Sensors" by both the companies.

Both the companies are ramping up the production of this new cobranded touch sensor product which is designed for multiple electronic computing systems such as all-in- one computers, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones. Kodak and UniPixel are planning to build out manufacturing equipment capacity throughout 2014 to support anticipated increasing demand.

Kodak CEO Antonio M. Perez said, “Working together, Kodak and UniPixel are quickly approaching the global market rollout of a functionally printed touch-screen sensor. In light of the initial interest for this product, we believe this solution has the potential to shake up this large and growing market. The superior technologies that both companies are contributing to this product will enable us to produce and deliver touch-screen sensors at the very highest level of quality, durability and value. ‘InTouch Sensors Powered by Kodak’ exemplify the kind of breakthrough solutions you can expect from the new Kodak.”

“Our sensor rebranding aligns with the ramp-up of equipment capacity to meet licensing agreement milestones and the anticipated demand for InTouch Sensors to be used in a wide variety of devices. We believe the brand ‘InTouch Sensors’ will become synonymous with quality, price and performance. The name of Kodak in the tagline reveals the important role our technology, development, and manufacturer partner is playing in UniPixel’s touch-screen sensors,” said Reed Killion, president and CEO of UniPixel. “Given the substantial resources Kodak has applied to supporting our efforts, we remain on track to begin commercial production in the fourth quarter of 2013, and then ramp production volumes throughout 2014. With the unmatched capabilities of our touch sensor technology, and the strength and support of Kodak and UniPixel’s other global partners, we look forward to making the commercial rollout of InTouch Sensors a success over the weeks and months ahead.”

InTouch Sensors feature metal mesh touch-sensors based on an additive, roll-to-roll, flexible electronics process, this is different from the traditional subtractive ITO-based and subtractive ITO replacement-based touch-sensor solutions. Kodak claims InTouch Sensors offer higher touch sensitivity, improved touch distinction, better durability, significantly higher conductivity, extensibility to a greater number of sizes and form factors, and faster sensing speeds.

The manufacturing process of InTouch Sensors is more efficient and less expensive compared to standard ITO-based touch technology due to lower material costs, fewer steps in the manufacturing process and a more simplified supply chain, according to Kodak.

UniPixel and Kodak have begun discussions with several manufacturing companies in Asia that have expressed strong interest in setting up manufacturing capabilities for InTouch Sensors in their respective countries. “The business environment and economics will determine exclusivity, and the vehicle by which the facilities would be funded and operated will determine how we move forward with this option,” said Killion.

A key focus for UniPixel is developing electronic conductive films for use in electronic sensors for consumer and industrial applications.